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Health and Social Care Consultants  can assit you to meet your audit requirements in line with CQC requlations.

This could take the form of a one of service audit, developing a service audit schedule or specific audits etc
These can include, Dining Experience, Health and Safety etc. Each audit completed will result in an action plan that will be given to the service. Support to implement findings can be given if required.


Policy Development


We can provide support to identify defecits in regards to policy and procedure. We can provide tailor made solutions that are bespoke to your service.


CQC Preperation


This will take the form of a full review of your service against the 5 key lines of enquiry.

An action plan will be formulated to support service improvement this will include working with the staff team in preperation for a CQC visit.




We will support the service/organisation with a training analysis of training presently provided. A comprehensive training matrix will be produced along with guideance for further improvements. 


Service Amalgamation 


 We can support your organisation with the amaligmation of new servcies incorperating them in the companies portfolio 


Service Restructuring 


We can support organisations with internal structural reviews including reviews of the communication strategies. Advising on effective communication and management structure. This can also include  a financial review, looking at best value for the organsitation and commissioners. 

Analyze The Work Plan


The work plan will be agreed with you at the onset of the contract.

The Project


The project will be managed from the start via regular reviews of action plans and verbal feedback at agreed intervals.

Collaborative Working 


We pride ourselves on working collaborativly on working with the customer.

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