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Health and Social Care Consultants is a company that will help your business become Successful


Our professional support team provide you with high-quality consultations. 

Health and Social Care Consultancy is a company that will help your business become Successful


Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations.

We have many years of accumulated experience!


Its true, David and Phil between them bring over 80 years of workplace experience. 

The range of services we can offer include:-


  • Audit
  • Training
  • Oversight
  • Policy Development
  • Service Remodeling
  • Service Transformation
  • Service Review
  • CQC  Preperation
  • Restructures
  • Service Closure
  • Service Amalgamation
  • Organisational Strategy Development

Services Provided


We provide various business services to help our clients to handle different issues and boost their business.




We can carry out a range of audits and provide a range of tools to help you achieve regulatory compliance.


Email support


With our service you will get professional help and guidance. whilst we work in partnership.


Embedding quality, increasing occupancy and maximising profit


With our wealth of experience we can work with you to look at ways of ensuring quality is embedded within your organistion/service, increasing occupancy and maximising profit.

The advantages of engaging our company


We bring experience 


We bring over 80 years of Health and Social Care Management Experience. Working with a range of different client groups coverring the whole of the UK in regards to regulatory compliance.


Further support


Once the work is completed we wont just leave you high and dry, we can offer an ongoing  advisory service.


Creative solutions


Because of our wealth of experience in regards to transformation work you can rely on us to bring you a range of creative solutions.


Working on a positive result


Our responsibility is to provide you with the right solutions achiveving effective outcomes for you as the organisation.

We stand for fair, cost effective and creative ideas!


During our work we develop our approach to providing products and services, we understand and fully implement the concept of putting the client first.

Meet our team


Our team of professionals have experience of working within health acare and social care. They bring to the table a wealth of experience.

David Bateman


Philip Cartwright


Feedback from our customers

Get in touch!

Our team of professionals have experience in marketing, sales and many other.

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