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What we do


Health and Social Care Consultants is a company specialising in providing Health and Social care turn around services.

Areas of expertise include though not limited to:-


  • Audit
  • Training;
  • Oversight
  • Policy development
  • Risk Management
  • Service Transformation
  • Service Review
  • CQC Preperation
  • Restructure
  • Service Closure
  • Service Amalgamation.
Our mission

We support your organistaion to reach its maximum potential.

Our objectives
Our people

Stages of Work


We work effectivley with services


We Audit The Service


We carry this out to identify service strengths to build on. We examine any eroneous factors that may impact on organisational effectiveness and efficiency.


Develop The Project Plan/Action Plan


Our team of Professional Consultants will work in partnership with your organisation to develop an effective and efficient service that is regulatory compliant.


Implementation of the Project/Action Plan


To work with representatives of your organisation in order to implement change, monitore effectiveness and reviewing progress. 

Why choose us?


We are a commited team of professional and enthusiastic people, who like what they do.

Meet our Founders

Our team of professionals have years of experience iin the Health and Social Care Sector.

David Bateman


Philip Cartwright


Based in Greater Manchester and East Yorkshire


Email us: healthandsocialcareconsultancy@proton.me



Call us on:

David 07551646595

Philip 07740397790